Free Webinar: Preservation Activities at NARA and at the Tennessee State Archives Feb. 24

From site: Allison Olson NARA’s Director of Preservation Programs will provide an overview of NARA’s Preservation Strategy and its recent accomplishments. As the National Archives seeks to serve more customers in a fast-changing and information-overloaded era, Preservation Programs has adopted four major themes to cultivate the success of NARA’s mission. In the broad categories of understanding the risks at play, producing high quality products, enhancing heritage science, and enabling our talented workforce, Preservation Programs is leading in improved preservation practice and relevance to NARA’s goals.  The Preservation Strategy was adopted in 2019, after several years of planning, and will be in effect through 2024.
Emily Farek, the Conservation Manager from the Tennessee State Library and Archives will share how the Conservation Lab has developed and allowed for improved treatment capabilities in its space in the newly built Library & Archives building. She will also describe the work being done to create policies, understand a new building environment, and make the space work the best it can for the preservation needs of the collection.

It’s Georgia Severe Weather Preparedness Week! February 7-11, 2022

Severe weather is no stranger to our state. The past few years have brought a number of higher-impact severe weather events to the region, including the devastating EF-4 Newnan Tornado (March 25-26, 2021), and the major Easter 2020 Tornado Outbreak. 

Tuesday focuses on Thunderstorm Safety. Check out the NWS page on thunderstorm safety and HERA’s Resource Page for other preparedness links.

February is Earthquake Awareness Month!

Although Georgia is not thought to be a state with major faultline activity, we are right close to the Brevard fault. The last New Madrid (MO) earthquake made the Mississippi river run backward. While Georgia may be hundreds of miles away from this seismic zone, we will still feel the aftereffects. CUSEC – the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium, is hosting A Facebook Live Event Part 2: Are You Ready for an Earthquake? Part 2: Earthquake & Financial Preparedness on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2022 AT 11 AM EST.