Personal Archiving, Disaster Planning & Free CoSA Pocket PReP Guide

NOAA Image US Navy Photo Storm Surge pushing water ashore during a hurricane.
NOAA Image US Navy Photo Storm Surge pushing water ashore during a hurricane.

How prepared are you and your personal family collections in the event of a disaster?  It’s always important to check the pulse of our own personal archiving habits. A few excellent checkpoints to consider:

  1. Do you have a contact list of family members and/or emergency contacts to easily access at all times?
  2. Do you know the names and locations of your local first responders in your area? (Police, Fire, Hospital)
  3. Do you regularly maintain backups of your computer and other electronic media?
  4. Are you storing your treasured digital photographs someplace other than a smart-phone device, iPad or tablet?
  5. Do you maintain copies of important records such as property deeds, wills, birth and marriage certificates, passports, insurance documents?
  6. Do you keep family heirlooms such as antiques, family photographs, textiles or art?

The attached Family Collections Pocket Response Plan or PrEP™ created by the Counsel of State Archivists (CoSA) is a checklist you may use and personalize.  HERA Atlanta members updated this guide for usage and we are posting it here.  Using and updating the PrEP™ can help prevent or mitigate your losses in the event of a disaster. Escaping any weather disaster with your life and the lives of those you love is most important. Planning to secure your vital records and personal history is very important as a part of the disaster recovery process. Personal archiving is even more essential as an ever increasing number of natural disaster events occur.  Preserve your own past, present, and future for your piece of mind.

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